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Bucks County Legend
Terms and Equipment
The Crew

Okay, so here's what we're up to:

Our next excursion will be back to the Lambertville High School to check some electromagnetic readings and to see if we can get some EVP's. The results of that excursion should definitely be exciting as the High School is a reputed hot spot for paranormal activity.

We also plan to take the ride down a mysterious Dark Hollow Road. I've heard rumors of suspected hauntings along the road, but have read no concrete testaments. We'll be doing some more research on this spot in the next few weeks and we'll get back to you.

The final excursion slated is to New Hope. This will be a pure research trip, during which we will talk to shop owners and hopefully take a walk through one of New Hope's most haunted attractions: the Logan Inn.

It is by no means an irrational fancy that, in a future existence, we shall look upon what we think our present existence, as a dream.
- Edgar Allan Poe

All photos (c) 2006 Laura Herrmann
All other content (c) 2006 Drew Cornwall