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Bucks County Legend
Terms and Equipment
Terms and Equipment
The Crew

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EVP: Electronic Voice Phenomena. Have you ever seen the Sixth Sense? Do you know the scene when Bruce Willis is listening to an interview with his old patient and then turns up the volume to hear all kinds of voices in the background? That's what I'm talking about. EVP's are sounds that are reputedly ghostly voices recorded on tape.

Electromagnetic readings: It's really not that complicated. Basically, in a paranormal area, a compass can be diverted by about thirty to thirty-five degrees from magnetic north. So we take a compass and see if walking through a certain spot makes the needle move. All you need is a good sense of where magnetic north actually is...
Orb: An orb-like appearance in a photo.  Simple as that, really...  Some orbs are caused by dust and some may be caused by something else, but in reality, no one can tell for sure between the two.  If you have a dependable camera though, they are few and far between, so when we got a few at LHS, we were pretty excited...


All of the equipment we use is really basic stuff that anyone could find around the house. We are by no means professionals and are new to this type of research, but the basics are all you really need.

Tape recorder: Set it up in the right area, and you may hear some ghostly voices...

Compass: A good one, that is. Everyone knows that a crappy compass won't point north even if there is no paranormal activity in the area...

Digital Thermometer: Cold spots are pretty common in areas of high paranormal activity. And they don't just feel cold; they actually drop in temperature. It's good to have one of these on hand to be sure that it's not just your blood running cold.

Digital Camera: Laura always has hers on her and knows a helluva lot more about taking pictures than me. Regardless, a camera is your best friend when on an excursion and you can see things in pictures that you would never have noticed in person.

It is by no means an irrational fancy that, in a future existence, we shall look upon what we think our present existence, as a dream.
- Edgar Allan Poe

All photos (c) 2006 Laura Herrmann
All other content (c) 2006 Drew Cornwall