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Bucks County Legend
Gravity Hill
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There are many legends about Bucks County's famous Gravity Hill; it is one of the area's only sites to be placed in both the Weird US book and the Weird Pennsylvania book (actually, it could be the only place in Bucks County that is in either, but I'm not entirely sure...).  Located in Buckingham, PA, it has attracted visitors for years and created quite a reputation for itself.
The reason?  It is one of a few strange places in the world in which a car placed in neutral will roll backwards uphill.
The stories about Gravity Hill that have circulated over many years are, unfortunately, much more interesting than the actual site.  There are acutally two main attractions on the hill: the first is an old church at the base of the hill and the second is the actual "gravity hill" farther up the road.  I'll first describe the legends about the site, and then I'll tell you the truth.
Legend has it that the church at the base of the hill has been abandoned for years.  Since its abandonment, it has been taken over by satanists, occultists, neo-nazis, etc. and is used for black masses.  Allegedly, if one were to knock on the front door of the church, he would be challenging the devil himself to a foot race.  The challenger would then proceed to run 3, 6, or 13 times (depending on the version of the story) around the church.  If the challenger feels a sudden gust of wind before completing the race, he has lost and will die in the next few days.  If not, he has won the race and will have some kind of good luck or something...
How does this relate to Gravity Hill?  Hang on, I'm getting there.
At a certain spot on the hill, when a car is placed in neutral, it will begin to roll backwards up the hill.  The legend says that Satan himself is pushing the car back up the hill; this, after all, is plausible, considering that there is a black church just down the road...
Ok, so all of what you have just completed reading is the legend.  The factual information is as follows:
WARNING: SPOILER ALERT!  If you don't think you can handle the truth, go back now.
At the base of the hill, there is a small church that used to be used commonly.  However, as the town began to grow away from the remote area, the church was used less and less often.  But even though the church is hardly ever used by Christians, it is never used by occultists.  How do I know?  Simple.  Because the church was never abandoned.  It is still used two to three times a year for special services.  The property is still maintained and the church is still used, however seldomly.
In terms of the hill itself, the uphill motion is caused by an optical illusion.  Though the hill appears to be on an upward grade, it is actually a slight downhill grade.  How does this work?  No idea.  Sorry.  But naturally, when the car is placed in neutral, it rolls backward, which is actually downhill even though it looks like it's uphill...  Sorry to ruin it... 
Even though the Gravity Hill of Buckingham, PA is not quite worth all the hype, it is definitely still an interesting site to check out, just so you can say you've done it.

It is by no means an irrational fancy that, in a future existence, we shall look upon what we think our present existence, as a dream.
- Edgar Allan Poe

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